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Design, Construction, and Operation for 15 years of the 4,800 m3/day wastewater treatment facility with further expansion of capacity to 7,200 m3/day


Shtang has built a facility of uncompromising quality,  which includes pre-treatment with fine filtration and removal of sand, grit and oil; a raw sewage flow equalization tank; a biological treatment system based on conventional activated sludge technology; a secondary effluent reservoir; a tertiary filtration system and contact cell; a sludge treatment system (including thickening, aerobic stabilization and centrifuges); a drain water collection system; an emergency reservoir and administrative buildings.

A proper odor neutralization system was installed, not only for the pre-treatment facility and the equalization tank but also for the sludge treatment facility. The control unit treats odor via a biological filter with a synthetic substrate and is polished by activated carbon.

Phosphorus removal is obtained via a biological system. However, due to uncertainty in the amount and composition of sewage, an additional removal system by chemical means was also designed. If necessary, a coagulant (iron or aluminum salts) dosing unit will be added to the anaerobic basin for excess phosphorus binding.

Evaporation was avoided by pumping the effluent through a sealed pipe to a 9,600 m3 operational reservoir, lined with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting and covered with a floating reinforced polypropylene (RPP) geo-membrane cover. This cover not only avoids drying, but serves to prevent birds from congregating in the area in search of water and posing a danger to IDF aircraft training in the area.



4,800 m3\day


O&M period

Raw Material

Waste water

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