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Design, construction, operation, and transfer (DBOT) of the wastewater treatment plant.

Shtang is the sole owner and operator of the plant. The scope included: design, construction, financing, and operation of the activated sludge wastewater treatment with the capacity of 12,000 m3/day.

The scope of construction included: reconstruction of equalization reservoir, construction of mechanical treatment, aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic areas for the biological removal of BOD, nitrates, and phosphorous; secondary clarifiers; a tertiary sand filtration system by gravity and contact cell for disinfection with hypochlorite; a sludge treatment system (including thickening, aerobic stabilization and centrifuges); a drain water collection system; an additional reservoir and administrative buildings. Odor control systems were installed both at the pre-treatment stage and at the sludge treatment stage.



12,000 m3/day


O&M period

Raw Material

Waste water

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