Ashdod, Israel

3,000 m³/d

12.1 MWh

The Ashdod desalination plant is one of the largest in the world and is designed to supply 100 million cubic meters of water per year. As an essential part of the plant, three pipelines were constructed from the facility into the Mediterranean Sea: Two pipes for pumping sea water for desalination and a third for the brine to return to the sea following treatment.

Shtang dug a 12.5 meter deep shaft on the beach at the water's edge and then pipe-jacked three pipes, each with a 2.5 meter diameter and 150 meters of length. The work was done under the seawater and required special reinforcements to prevent the machine from falling into the water.

The work included the use of divers who checked that there were no underwater obstructions, and required maximum accuracy in order not to damage the gas pipelines previously placed in the area, and to prevent the sand around the pipes from moving and causing damage to the existing gas pipelines.