3 MW

Owner: OCHS SpA, owned by TIKUNA SpA (100%)
Design with a 3 MW wind turbine.

Land: Agreed rental with land owner.


OCHS project consists of a 3MW wind power generation farm (1 wind turbine), that will be installed in the commune of Puerto Octay, Los Lagos Region. The project also includes 800m long underground medium voltage network, which will be connected to the 23kV feeder Puerto Octay of SAESA that is born from the STS Pichil substation (SAESA).

Environmental Permit: On 10/25/2017, the Regional Director of the Environmental Assessment Service of Los Lagos Region resolved that the project - with a maximum installed capacity of 3MW - does not require mandatory entry into the SEIA prior to its execution, and it is categorized under the format of Small Distributed Generation Medium (PMGD).

Favorable Connection Report: On 12/28/2017 SAESA issued the connection criteria report (ICC)


Characteristics of the Primary Resource


The preliminary evaluation of the wind resource was obtained from the Wind Explorer of the Ministry of Energy. The long-term reconstructed basic statistic of wind speed at 67 m high, shows an annual average wind speed of 6.33 m / sec (with a monthly average minimum of 3.77 m / sec in the month of March and a monthly average maximum of 8.78 m / sec in the month of June).

In October 2017 COENER built a measuring station 70 meters high in the Fundo La Gruta, Cuatro Esquinas sector, in the commune of Puerto Octay. In May 2018, a first report shows results at 71 m of a semi-annual average wind speed of 5.71 m / sec.

According to modeling carried out by one of the manufacturers with data collected from the measuring station, the average wind speed at 71 meters above sea level is 5.73 m/s. The expected generation for their 3 MW wind turbine is 9,454 GWh (P50), with a plant factor of 36%.

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